Rourke Baby Record Disclaimer

© 2020 Drs. L Rourke, D Leduc and J Rourke. Adapted, used and reproduced by Bright Health Solutions Society with the permission of the authors.

The RBR is provided for physicians and other healthcare providers for specific educational needs, as a tool, and to supplement their medical training and experience. Given the constantly evolving nature of the evidence and changing recommendations, the RBR Evidence-Based Infant/Child Health Maintenance Guide and any other information provided herein is meant to be a guide only and does not constitute ‘medical advice’. The Authors (as such term is defined herein) of the RBR have made every effort to provide accurate and current medical information, but these parties do not guarantee the accuracy, completeness or timeliness of the information provided. The information contained in the RBR is subject to change without notice.

Copyright in the RBR is jointly owned by Dr. Leslie Rourke, Dr. Denis Leduc and Dr. James Rourke (collectively referred to herein as the “Authors”). Excerpts therefrom may be copied or reproduced for print without permission for educational and non-commercial purposes only. If quotes or excerpts are used, full acknowledgement must be given to the Authors, including citing the full names of the Authors, the title of the source document, and the date on which the information was captures.

No alterations or modifications may be made to the RBR without the written permission of the Authors.

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