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Dependance on External Parties – Why isn’t MOIS behaving the way it should?

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Things that help customers do their job.

What does it cost to use myhealthkey?1

myhealthkey is currently included with the purchase of MOIS. There is no cost to your patients for registering or using myhealthkey.

Does myhealthkey provide medical advice or explanations on results?1

No, patients should direct all questions regarding healthcare, including lab results and medical imaging reports, to their health care provider directly.

Which devices can I use myhealthkey on?1

myhealthkey can be accessed from any computer, tablet, or smartphone, using the latest browser versions such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, as well as Android and iOS mobile browsers.

Is my personal information in myhealthkey secure?1

myhealthkey is committed to ensuring all Personal Information is protected. We have physical, electronic and procedural safeguards in place to help prevent unauthorized access and to maintain data security, thereby preventing unauthorized collection, use, or disclosure of personal information. All Personal Information shared with us is always securely stored within Canada. For more information on our Privacy Policy please visit

Who can use myhealthkey?1

Individuals who are 19 + can register for a myhealthkey account. Every family member must have their own unique account. Families may speak with their physician to determine if a mature minor is eligible for a myhealthkey account.

How does myhealthkey benefit my patients?1

myhealthkey is a way for your patients to stay informed and engaged in their healthcare, in a secure environment. With access to their labs and imaging reports, myhealthkey allows patients to track their health over time, and helps them make better informed decisions about their health.

How will myhealthkey benefit my clinic?1

Evidence suggests that using PHR portals increases overall clinic efficiency by reducing call volumes in regards to lab results and appointments booking, as well as reducing follow up appointment requests with regards to lab results.

What is myhealthkey?1

myhealthkey is an electronic personal health record (PHR) portal, fully integrated with the MOIS EMR, that allows patients to access their personal health information (medical labs and imaging reports) in a secure online environment. The portal also enables them to book appointments online, enabled by the primary care provider. The myhealthkey portal can be accessed from a computer, tablet, or mobile phone.

Do I need to sign a contract for a specified term with Bright Health?1

No. We are very confident that you will be satisfied with our product, so much so that you may choose to leave if and when you want.

Do you also handle the IT work for my clinic, like Network, WiFi, printer help, etc?1

No we do not handle the IT, but we will work with any IT provider you have.

Does the government have access to my data?1

Definitely not. Your data is private and secure.

Do you resell data?1

Definitely not. Your data is private and secure.

What happens to my data when I retire?1

When you enter retirement you we move your data into Read Only Mode. You will continue to have access to your data.

Who owns my data?1

You do, always.

Where is my data hosted?1

We have two hosting options for MOIS, either on-premise or in the cloud. With on premise, you own your own server in your clinic. With MOIS Cloud, we securely host your data in the cloud, which provides you with the ability to use remote access.

What kind of hardware do I need to run MOIS?1

A PC or MAC desktop, laptop, or tablet with minimum requirements will work. We do however recommend using a device with a keyboard and mouse for optimal functionality.

How often do you do software updates?1

General software updates take place once or twice a year, however, many items such as lists and drug interaction software are updated more frequently throughout the year.

Is fax fully integrated with MOIS?1

Yes, faxing is fully integrated allowing you to be a virtual office.

Can I send electronic prescriptions?1


Can I sign documents in MOIS electronically?1


What results can be downloaded into MOIS?1

MOIS interfaces with CDX, CIX, POI and Excelleris, allowing for downloads of results (both labs and imaging) from basically everywhere in British Columbia. When it comes to private imaging clinics, we can only download results that are distributed via one of the above interfaces.

What is the cost to import data into MOIS?1

Zero. There is no cost from Bright Health on electronic chart imports.

What does your migration process involve?1

Our migration process is very collaborative. We work together 1:1 every step of the way. Our first step is defining our migration timeline together, factoring in any key dates with both your clinic and your current vendor. We then work together on mapping and migrating your data from your existing emr to MOIS. Prior to finalizing the import, we provide you with an opportunity to review charts so you may validate the quality of the data migration. When data is moved over, you’ll receive 1:1 training from our customer support team using your own clinic’s data. We’ll then work together to customize and optimize your new MOIS emr based on your clinic’s unique workflow. Once you’re up and running, you’ll have ongoing access to our live customer support at no additional cost.

I’m currently using another EMR, can you import all of my existing data?1

Yes. We have a very thorough data mapping process to ensure your existing data moves over in an organized and planned manner to MOIS. Any data that is not readily mappable, will be located as a document/attachment on each patient chart.