Northern Health is pleased to provide the updated Northern Health Consistent Data Entry Guidelines for MOIS and ICCIS Users.

Guidelines for data entry help to ensure that information is entered into the correct location in the electronic system so that those using the system can quickly and easily find the correct information when it is needed. Being able to rely on an electronic medical record for accurate data means better, safer patient care – a goal that is always at the forefront of our work.

A copy of the Consistent Data Entry Guidelines is attached for your convenience.
The document includes many specific examples for those responsible for registering patients, entering results, and scanning documents, but is also a great reference so that providers know where to look for items in the system. CDX documents are clearly labelled indicating the name of the document as it will appear when downloaded and how it should be named if scanned. It is recommended to post a copy of the Consistent Data Entry Guidelines at data entry stations and in exam rooms.

These guidelines include the most up-to-date placement for CDX downloaded documents, as well as CIX and Excelleris results. You will notice some changes from the previous Consistency Guidelines. Going forward, it is recommended that the updated guidelines be used when scanning and doing data entry.

These are some Frequently Asked Questions & Answers we’ve shared with NH clinics.
Frequently Asked Questions:
What is CDX?
CDX means Clinical Document Exchange. This interface allows different types of documents generated in Northern Health facilities that would usually come in as paper/fax to be downloaded directly into the correct location in a patient’s chart in MOIS. E.g. Outpatient Progress Notes will download to Consults, whereas facility Discharge Summaries will download to Facility Admissions. CDX relies on accurate patient data to ensure information is matched correctly.

A document is shown in a new location on the updated guidelines, should I move or copy the old documents that are already in our system to the new location?
No. Data entered using the previous guidelines should stay where it is. Going forward, use the new location. The previous and new locations are noted in the guidelines so that providers will be prompted where to look for the information.

A provider would like a document put in a different folder in MOIS, not where it is noted in the Consistent Data Entry Guidelines.
The Consistent Data Entry Guidelines were compiled and reviewed by a team of clinicians, physicians, other MOIS/ICCIS users, AIHS (the vendor), as well as other key resources (such as the CDX team). It is understood that while some documents/results seem to intuitively fit into their respective folder, there are other documents that may cause confusion. In order for any user (permanent provider, locum, etc.) to quickly and easily find a document, the Consistent Data Entry Guidelines are the standard to be followed in Northern Health clinics. A Provider Reference is given to help familiarize users with where to find the information.


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