Community Electronic Medical Record

Community MOIS

Transforming team-based patient care and improving provider efficiency with a robust, standards-based EMR.

  • For community health and team-based care
  • Adheres to provincial reporting requirements
  • Supports alternative funding models
  • Scalable to thousands of users


What is Community MOIS?

Community MOIS (Medical Office Information System) is a robust EMR designed to improve overall patient care in a community or team-based setting. C-MOIS is highly customizable to your team’s unique workflow and is packed with quality features and functionality designed to simplify and coordinate your patients’ care in a team environment, while also helping with daily clinic operations.

  • For community health and team-based care
  • Adheres to provincial reporting requirements
  • Supports alternative funding models
  • Scalable to thousands of users

Key Features

C-MOIS Functionality

What makes the MOIS EMR stand out from the competition?

Medical office operations

  • Scheduling using organizations and organizational roles
  • Distribution of internal orders to multiple workspaces and teams
  • Appointment reminders
  • Accounts receivable
  • Billing summary report
  • MSP and WCB billing
  • SNOMED,  ICD-10 and DSM-5 mapped to ICD-9 for billing
  • Tasks and messages

Documentation of Patient Medical Record

  • Encounter notes and templates
  • Document conditions in SNOMED, ICD-10 or ICD-9
  • Prescriptions and drug interaction alerts
  • Digital signature system that meets College of Pharmacists requirements
  • MAR – medication administration record
  • Health issues history, long term medications and allergies
  • Electronic lab interfaces – for lab results and imaging reports: Excelleris and CIX
  • Care Plan creation
  • Faxing and scanning

Team-based care

  • Community health record
  • Sophisticated group and role management
  • Shared workspaces

Consultation and referrals

  • EMR to EMR consults and referrals using Clinical Document Exchange (CDX)

Online forms exchange

  • Access to over 1,400 forms that can be uploaded directly to MOIS


  • Access over 140 canned reports that users can select and run
  • Build custom reports with Advanced Report Builder

Clinical calculators and audit tools

  • Auto calculate body mass index (BMI), predicted peak expiratory flow, gestational age, cardiac risk, and other indicators using provided values from medical record
  • Rules Generator – create reports leveraging users defined health rules

Quality improvement

  • Coded entry allowing for reporting, analysis, quality measurement, and quality improvement
  • Member of Health Data Coalition

myhealthkey PHR Integration

  • Fully integrated with myhealthkey PHR
  • Patient gains access to personal health information
  • Patient gains access to labs and imaging reports *coming soon
  • Online booking and scheduling
  • Appointment reminders
  • Patient sees office-booked appointments

Best in class customer support

  • Onboarding, training, and ongoing support are all included and provided by our local team right here in BC
  •  All calls are answered by knowledgeable personnel
  • After hours support

Community Health Record

C-MOIS allows your multi-disciplinary team maintain a single medical record for patients across your community system helping with continuity of care.

Custom Team Workflows

Leveraging the core feature set of MOIS, CMOIS users can create unique workflows that cater to their inter-professional teams. An example of this would be sending an order internally one from team to another, or using blended workspaces, allowing for an integrated approach to care.

Pioneering EMR Interoperability

MOIS was one of the first EMRs to conform to CDX standard, and is one of the few EMRs to be able to fully, securely, transmit referrals and consultations from EMR-EMR. We worked in partnership with Interior Health and Northern Health to create and operationalize this technology.

Coded Entry

Our data-centric EMR facilitates the entry of coded data using SNOMED, ICD-10, ICD-9 and DSM-5.  Coded entry allows MOIS’ comprehensive reporting capabilities so you can see what’s going on in your clinic and help with quality improvement.

Health Maintenance Review

A unique and proprietary feature, Health Maintenance Review is a framework that outlines what interventions should be considered/ documented for each patient dependent on their age, sex and health conditions.

Health Data Coalition

MOIS is a member of the Health Data Coalition, which supports the aim of optimizing the provider experience by supporting learning and practice improvement in patient care within a community of trusted colleagues.

Forms Exchange

Gain access to the MOIS Forms Exchange, a repository of over 1,400 paper forms that easily import into MOIS. All forms pre-fill patient and provider information, reducing data entry time and costs for printing patient labels.

New! PHR Integration

MOIS is tightly integrated with our new web-based personal health record (PHR) solution: myhealthkey. MOIS clinics can optionally enable myhealthkey to help with patient activation and increase clinic efficiencies. In myhealthkey, patients can see their upcoming appointments and, at your choice schedule their own appointments.

Smooth and Simple Migration

We know this process can be daunting, but we’ll walk you through it from end-to-end. First, we work with you and your current EMR vendor to define a comprehensive migration plan centred around your needs. We then customize MOIS to match your workflows and give you in-depth product training. Just before your go-live date, we migrate the data for you. On your go-live day, we are there to make sure you are up and running. We then follow that up with the best customer support out there. We’re in it with you every step of the way! Now offering free electronic chart imports.

Best-in-class Customer Support

At Bright Health we offer email and phone support with the same Canadian-based team that tests and trains users on MOIS. And, as a Bright Health customer, you gain access to our online manuals, videos, webinars and workshops to educate you on new releases and features. All support and training is included in our annual fees. No hidden costs or surprise fees.


What Our Customers Say

Achieving successes in partnership with our customers.

Creating better outcomes together

A new clinic solution awaits you. Focus on what really matters, your patients. Let us help you transform your approach to health care, and create better outcomes together.

Why Choose C-MOIS?

No matter what your clinic's needs are, C-MOIS and Bright Health are here for you. We're in your corner to aid and support you in transforming your approach to healthcare, and to help create better outcomes.

Fully Integrated Care

Provides seamless, fully integrated patient care with a centralized patient record

Customizable Workflows

Easily customize C-MOIS to fit your unique team-based workflow

Highly Efficient

A highly optimized and intuitive user interface to simplify the coordination of team-based care

Leading Edge

Use  of SNOMED to code and publish care plans to Power Chart, and more.


Secure interoperability and EMR-EMR document exchange

Best-in-Class Support

Our best-in-class customer support team is ready to assist you, when needed