case study

Migrating from Osler to MOIS

With the Osler EMR being phased out, Dr. Stacey Butters and Dr. Ross Waldron needed to find a new EMR they could safely migrate their clinic’s data to.

Dr. Stacey Butters and Dr. Ross Waldron had been using the Osler EMR for approximately 7 years when they were notified that Osler had been purchased by TELUS Health and would soon be phased out. They would ultimately be asked to migrate over to a different TELUS EMR.

A concern for data loss

In reviewing the EMR they were being asked to switch to, they quickly learned that they would lose a significant amount of the documentation they had painstakingly collected over the years. This was not an acceptable solution.

Comprehensive Data Migration and Support with MOIS

Dr. Waldron and Dr. Butters looked into comparative EMRs in the market. When they looked into MOIS and performed a data migration test, they saw that all the chart elements in Osler were migrated completely and accurately to MOIS.

Additionally they found that no other EMR offered comparable Support. Specifically, when they called the Bright Health Support Line they were delighted to find that it was being monitored by a live person. This was integral in selecting their next EMR, as most other EMR vendors have ‘ticket’ support with wait times up to 5-7 days.

Based on these two factors, in addition to the friendly nature of the Bright Health team, they opted to go with MOIS.

1:1 Collaboration and Data Mapping

Bright Health dedicated a customer support member along with a MOIS software programmer to work directly with the clinic to review every detail of their Osler charts and current set up. Over the course of a month, data mapping was tweaked and refined based on the clinic’s requests, so that the final workflow was as smooth and efficient as possible.

Bright Health provided in-depth training to ensure all staff were fluent with the software prior to go-live. Billing in MOIS became easier to use than in Osler; it was more transparent. Doctors could now do most of it themselves, which allowed them to keep tabs on what had and hadn’t been billed yet and mitigated any potential loss of income.

Overall, the migration was a complete success and no data or patient chart information was lost in the process. The clinic has been impressed on an ongoing basis with their new MOIS EMR and with the best-in-class customer support team at Bright Health.

The Outcome


Charts Migrated


Labs Imported


GB Data Transferred


Staff Trained