Case study

Going paperless with MOIS

After 18 years and a lot of paper, Dr. Hampole’s clinic decided to transition to a paperless workspace using the MOIS EMR.

In 2014, Dr. Hampole was moving offices. Having contemplated going paperless for a few years, it was ultimately the office move that pushed them in that direction. After all, moving into a fresh new office space, they just couldn’t imagine filling the cabinets with all of their old charts. They were excited to start fresh, and become a paperless work space.

A user-friendly, highly customizable EMR system

The idea of going paperless was easier for Dr. Hampole than it was for MOA, Lesley Girard. Having worked on paper for so long, she had trust in the paper notes, paper requisitions and physical lab work charts. However, once they began putting MOIS into practice and really started using the features of MOIS, not only did she find it was user friendly, but that it was far easier and more efficient than having a desk full of charts, messages and papers.

On top of that, because MOIS is highly customizable, they were able to customize it to their unique office workflow, and make it work best for their whole team and office.

A more productive office

Going paperless has made Dr. Hampole’s office more productive in many ways. There is now no delay in receiving and looking up results, faxing directly from a patient chart, or sending correspondence back to colleagues as soon as Dr. Hampole needs. In the end, Leslie wondered why they waited so long to make the switch!

By the Numbers


Years of patient records stored


Boxes of paper charts


times less printer paper needed a year


Staff Trained