Applied Informatics for Health Society (AIHS), creator of the #1 rated EMR MOIS®, has changed its legal name to Bright Health Solutions Society and will be commonly known as Bright Health going forward. The organization also recently released solutions and add-ons for the OSCAR EMR, and myhealthkey – a Patient Health Record solution that is tightly integrated with the MOIS EMR. This name change marks an exciting time for the growing non-profit organization.

“We think our new name and look are more contemporary and approachable. They also well reflect our vision and values: inspiring transformation in health care,” says Bill Gordon, CEO of Bright Health Solutions. “We’re very proud of our roots and the history of how we came to be AIHS. However, as Bright Health we better showcase who we are and what we offer today.”

Bright Health Solutions is creating an ecosystem of user-friendly and secure tools that seamlessly support continuous improvement in healthcare. With its standards-based Electronic Medical Record system and integrated Personal Health Record application, Bright Health Solutions is elevating the healthcare experience for both patients and providers with the goal of achieving better outcomes.

“We’ve seen exciting growth and development over the last 5 years. We’ve gone from a single product to offering a collection of integrated solutions for multiple EMRs” says Larry Chrobot, Senior Director at Bright Health. “This change allows us to have a greater impact on healthcare in Canada while we continue to do what we do best: develop high quality software solutions and provide best-in-class support”.

About Bright Health

Bright Health is a B.C. based health software company that specializes in designing and building software to support Primary, Specialist and Community Care in an effort to advance the IHI Triple Aim initiative. Incorporated in 2007 to better support the growth of the MOIS EMR, Dr. Bill Clifford sold MOIS® to the not-for-profit for one dollar. Since then Bright Health has been at the forefront of supporting many provincial health IT developments, such as leading the use of CDX, integrating with Health Data Coalition and its support for alternate compensation models. Bright Health continues to operate as a not-for-profit organization while working to meet the needs of an expanding customer base. Bright Health solutions products are used by over 2800 primary care providers in British Columbia and Ontario. MOIS EMR is currently available to customers in British Columbia and New Brunswick. It’s OSCAR solutions are available in Ontario and British Columbia.

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A Bright future ahead!

We're excited to share that we've changed our name to Bright Health Solutions Society and will commonly go by Bright Health, which you’ll see reflected on this new website.

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